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The Truth about Petroleum Investments

Anyone considering investing in petroleum should be aware that such investments are relatively high risk by their very nature. However, along with the higher risk is an opportunity for much higher rewards.

We believe that enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects in proven petroleum reservoirs are good investments and relatively low risk compared to drilling for primary recovery. EOR projects, however, are still a higher risk than other more conservative and lower potential investment vehicles.

Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC, strongly recommends that any person or entity have a balanced investment portfolio and that higher risk and higher potential investments be only a part of oneís investment strategy.



Why Enhanced Oil Recovery? 

For total oil and gas production since the inception of the modern oil and gas industry, the United States is the largest petroleum producing nation in the world. We have had commercially producing oil wells since 1859. We opened up US oilfields to provide all of the oil the Allies needed to win two World Wars.  Without this nationís leadership in petroleum, we could not have been victorious in World War II.

In meeting the needs for oil to help preserve democracy and liberty, we prematurely depleted the pressure of many of our oil reservoirs, leaving a lot of oil trapped in those reservoirs today.

As a result of our nation having the oldest and most prolific history of oil and gas production, there are many areas from which we have tapped only the primary production. This means that frequently only 10 to 30 percent of the oil originally in place in the reservoir has been depleted. It also means that 70 to 90 percent of the oil in place remains to be removed through enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

However, during primary production we leave a large portion of the oil in place due to a depletion of the pressure that was present when we first drilled the wells. The EOR process is one of gradually restoring the original reservoir pressure thereby liberating the oil from the reservoir rock in which it was trapped.

Using technological advancements that were not available in the 19th and 20th Centuries, today we can frequently extract another 20 to 40 percent of the oil originally in place in the reservoir. These advancements in technology include not only the geological sciences, but new ways of drilling and completing wells and improvements in repressuring oil reservoirs. This repressuring process has many advantages including:

  • It is environmentally friendly because we control the pressures involved in the production process.
  • These operations are land-based and provide for environmentally safe locations, low risk drilling, and more efficient production operations.
  • Surplus methane, that is sometimes vented to atmosphere or flared creating CO2, can be used to further enhance the oil recovery process thereby reducing the emission of potential green house gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere.
  • The transportation and refining infrastructures are already in place due to the earlier production.
  • The production is typically a high quality paraffin based sweet crude oil which is in the highest demand for making not only fuels and lubricants but for making things such as medicines, candles, and plastics that are used by most industries including those in the medical, automotive, and electronic arenas.
  • EOR can be highly profitable because there are lower risk potentials when producing proven oil reservoirs than when speculating on the production available in new reservoirs.



Why Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting?

Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC (AWAC) has staff with over 50 years of combined experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. This level of experience means that your investment dollars are in the hands of people who will use them in a productive, safe, and environmentally safe manner.

AWAC staff members have a widely varied background with experience in research, leasing, drilling, reservoir development, and project management to optimize your investment dollars in a responsible fashion. The AWAC staff also has a healthy blend of office and field experience. Included in the field experience is primary, as well as secondary and tertiary, oil and gas production, that is, enhanced oil recovery.

Furthermore, AWAC has a respect for industrial health, safety, environment, and training (HSET) in which you can be proud. You can be confidant that you have invested in an operation that believes in training workers before they do the job. AWAC is also a company that uses task safety analysis to protect not only its employees and the environment but to protect your investment dollars as well.

Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC asks ourselves how would be like to be treated if we were the investor, the contractor, the employee, or the government agency with which we work. We then make every effort to keep our policies and practices consistent with our principles.


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