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Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC (AWAC) was formed in May 2009 to meet the needs of America’s petroleum industry. AWAC is a multi-functional company that partners with individuals, industry, schools, and government agencies to benefit those who may work, invest, or otherwise be associated with the US land-based upstream petroleum industry.

Although the company is relatively young, its staff of five has over 50 years of combined experience in consulting, training, drilling, completions, production, and secondary/enhanced oil and gas recovery.

Our president, Donna Gentry, is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and has a degree in Petroleum Technology from the University of Arkansas CC in Morrilton.  Ms. Gentry has experience in land management, project planning and oil & gas training with an emphasis on health, safety, and the environment.  Ms. Gentry was the driving force in researching and developing the Osage EOR project and the Fayetteville Shale Workshop for Land and Mineral Owners. She has worked in the petroleum industry in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Our vice-president, Ron Walsmith, is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tulsa.  Mr. Walsmith has expertise in secondary recovery, drilling, completions, and production with a passion for artificial lift and well control.  Mr. Walsmith has been instrumental in engineering and planning the Osage EOR project. He has worked in Appalachia, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Venezuela.

AWAC geological consultant, Mark Schiering, has extensive experience in petroleum geology, drilling, and enhanced oil recovery.  Mr. Schiering has a Masters in geology from Kent State University as well as a bachelor’s degree in geology. He has worked in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Alaska.

In addition to its three senior petroleum staff members, AWAC has a graphic arts, animation, and training specialist, Anthony Almeyda. Although he wears several hats within our company, Mr. Almeyda specializes in art and animation for AWAC training projects and proposals. Currently he is doing the animation for AWAC training video called Forklift Training for Drilling Operations.

The fifth member of the AWAC team is Richard Walsmith, who manages the IT aspect of the company’s operations. He selects computer and software support for AWAC and custom built the company’s video editing computer. Mr. Walsmith also designed and maintains the AWAC web site. 

AWAC’s diverse multi-talented staff makes it an ideal company for meeting your investment, training or consulting services.



Donna Gentry is president of Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC. She is also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), an officer of the SPE Central Arkansas Study Group, and holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Petroleum Technology from UACCM, where she graduated with honors.

Donna is the co-instructor for many of AWAC's training opportunities such as the Medic First Aid for the Petroleum Industry and OSHA safety courses.  Her area of expertise if Health, Safety and Environment.

Ms. Gentry worked with T.S. Dudley Land Management Company in Searcy ad a landman, during her internship with SEECO, when she was at UACCM. Ms. Gentry then continued to work as a Land Tech for SEECO in Conway, AR.

When serving with the Boy Scouts of America, Ms. Gentry conducted Leadership Training for adult leaders and earned her Wood Badge Beads.

Prior to her interest in the oil patch, she was a twelve year veteran in customer service. Ms. Gentry worked for AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and AVAYA.



Ron Walsmith, a third generation oil and gas executive, is vice president of Arkoma Well Analysis and Consulting, LLC. He is a silver member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and was 2009-2010 chairman of the SPE Central Arkansas Study Group. He is a former faculty member in petroleum management technology at Hocking College, former director of the Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Training in Oklahoma and Arkansas, and currently a petroleum technology faculty member at the University of Arkansas Community College in Morrilton.

Mr. Walsmith, a graduate of the University of Tulsa, was an independent oil producer for five years prior to pursuing graduate studies in education at Cincinnati Christian University before going to Hocking College. As an independent producer, Mr. Walsmith worked in primary recovery, secondary recovery, project management and design, well servicing, drilling, and trucking. The company has its own rigs for drilling and well servicing.

While at Hocking, Mr. Walsmith taught advanced drilling and production classes and supervised the drilling, completion, and production of oil and natural gas; making the college natural gas independent. Mr. Walsmith was also an expert witness at hearings on drilling and production safety in Washington DC.

After Hocking College, he worked in production automation for a subsidiary of Baker Industries. Ron supervised field engineering, project support, and product training while working in production automation.

In 1987, Ron joined AT&T which became Lucent Technologies. With Lucent, Mr. Walsmith worked in customer consulting and training across North America as well as Europe and Asia. During this time, he continued to serve as an officer of a family-owned oil and gas production company.

Mr. Walsmith has an extensive background in the development of training materials for drilling, production, well servicing, off-road operations, and IADC WELLCAP certified well control courses. He has worked in the oil and gas industry in the Appalachia, the South-Western U.S., and Venezuela.






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